Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Days 7-17

Sorry for the long delay, readers! This has been a rather interesting week on the island, mostly because I have barely been able to get 3G service on my phone. Since I haven't finalized a permanent apartment, either, I don't have wifi, so sometimes updating can be a challenge to say the least!

In any case, the past 10 days since my last post have been interesting. I have found what amounts to probably the best Sunday brunch spot on the island, The Palms. It's about 5 minutes from where i'm staying right now, and the prices can't really be beat for what you get. I will say that the cost of eating out is generally higher than what it is in the south, though not nearly as much as people seem to imply on the message boards. For example, brunch dishes here usually run about $10-15. However, you do get some fringe benefits for your dollar, like this view from the table (yes, I was eating when I took this):

Meanwhile, back at work, i'm finding legal research to be a unique task. While I do have access to the normal 'tools of the trade,' such as Westlaw, the old fashioned digest tends to be the most effective resource I have, along with our Court Rules book. Even our digest comes in Carribbean Blue :-):

Lunchtime at the court continues to be dominated by the vegetarian truck. I never have been a vegetarian, but I think the vegetarian options on the island would make it pretty easy to pull off. On Friday, I had vegetarian lasagna, which I thought was surprisingly good:

One great thing about here is that there is always some new and exciting vista to see. A few mornings ago, while doing my morning exercise, I was able to snap this sunrise photo:

On Sunday, I decided to seek out a few new places to look at. My final destination was Point Udall, which is the easternmost point in American territory. The point offers spectacular vistas of the Caribbean, and one really feels like he's at the end of the world/country/etc. when visiting. Here's a photo of the actual end of the island:

The drive to Point Udall wasn't too bad, but it had its rugged moments. I've been impressed that my little Toyota rental car has done so well with the driving so far. The flipside to the narrow roads and questionable pavement is that you get some pretty amazing views from your car. This is actually at Point Udall, but shows the route I took to get there:

All in all, every day here (so far) brings about a new discovery and adventure. The panorama function on the iPhone has never been so valuable. This next week should bring some interesting posts, as i'm (fingers crossed) finalizing a car and apartment here on the island. Haggling is the name of the game, which is an experience in itself, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here's a parting panorama of Point Udall:



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  1. We saw Point Udall on ABC's The Bachelor a couple of weeks ago! The Bachelor took all the girls on a date where they saw the sun rise at the most eastern point in the American territories and then drove across the island to the westernmost point for sunset. Glad to see your pictures from there as well!