Friday, February 1, 2013

Preparing for the Journey

I should premise this post by saying i'm a terrible packer. I've truly never been good at it. When I lived in Singapore, I would literally pack in the hours just prior to my flight, and I wouldn't be back for 4-5 months! This time i'm trying to be a little better about it, though.

I am flying down to the USVI with three checked bags. I am trying to get to as close to my 150 lb limit as possible. Since this will be all i'm bringing beyond a few minor items being shipped (mainly my diplomas), it really isn't excessive. Interestingly, because of the checked baggage fees, it is actually cheaper for me to fly down First Class instead of Economy (i'm sure it will be brutal haha). Nevertheless, packing for a total move is a little crazy.

My main fear right now really doesn't have to do with packing, though. Rather, it's driving on the left hand side of the road. When I was living in Singapore, I drove a few times on the other side of the road. However, in the USVI, the driving is done in American-built cars with left hand drive. When you drive in the UK, Singapore, or most places, the driver side is on the right, instead of the left. To me, at least, it makes driving on the left a lot easier, because your turns feel more like their right-drive counterparts. I will definitely be driving cautiously the first few weeks!

The other thing I sadly have yet to figure out is where the courthouse i'll be working in is. The condo manager i'm renting from should be showing me where it is on Sunday. I will be bringing along my GPS to tag the location as a favorite, so at the very least I can use that to get there (I just dropped $20 on a USVI Garmin map, go figure!)

Beyond the technical aspects of moving down, there is a significant emotional impact to all this as well. I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to be working in the USVI. As a newly-minted attorney, job options are limited right now throughout the United States. To get paid to live in the tropics as one's first non-contract legal position is quite the break. Nonetheless, this job means leaving my family (including my dog) back on the mainland, at least until they come and visit. I hope that my new job will give me some great career experience, and hopefully there'll be some fun thrown in the mix as well. At the very least, I expect some visitors.

Now, in less than 48 hours, i'll be touching down in the USVI. Quite the transition from even 3 weeks ago, when I didn't know what i'd be doing right now.



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