Friday, March 15, 2013

The best place for now...

"Sunday Funday" at Cane Bay

Another week is passing here on the island, and I hate to admit I don't have many photos to share. The soap opera that is my search for Jeep parts continues, but, as my mom says, one ends up having to laugh at how crazy it is. So far, I've had parts shipped in from Utah, Florida, New York, and Canada (that's right, Canada).

The inconveniences that come with island living can be exasperating at times. Having to wait a week to get almost anything to arrive from the mainland can be annoying, but I really do think that St. Croix is "the best place for now" for me. When I look at the alternatives of what I would be doing back in the Lower 48, life isn't so bad. The weather here is (generally) good, the people are friendly, and the stress level, aside from the annoyance of getting things shipped in, is much lower.

I have had a strange sense come over me while being here. There's a certain qualified feeling of living in exile down here. I truly feel disconnected from the mainland, and all the lives and happenings from back there. Sometimes that feels bad, but it can feel pretty good, too. Yes, it's hard to get things here, but you don't need as much here. Things are expensive, but there's less stuff to buy. Grocery shopping can be dodgy, but finding local sources of produce can alleviate many of the difficulties that supermarket shopping presents. Every day you get to see the ocean (every morning for me), and the beach is always 10 minutes away.

Living here allows me to think less about chasing an objective, and more about living. While my goals at this point are focused on a career back in the mainland, I think this place is the best for now, hiccups, complications and all.

Next week, I look forward to sharing more with you, as tomorrow St. Croix will be having our annual St. Patrick's Day Festival, which I understand to be a pretty significant event. Happy Weekend!



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